Your Favorite Music Videos

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Re: Your Favorite Music Videos

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No Video, but mp3 that I just made myself, check it out!

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Re: Your Favorite Music Videos

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Coldplay - Strawberry Swing - If you are here because of anxiety attacks, close your eyes and rub your temples slowly with one finger on each side. Trust me, it works. Just imagine your happy place. I have struggled with anxiety attacks and neurological issues from a very young age and my only regret is not finding this song sooner. I had listened to other coldplay songs like "Clocks" and "Paradise", but they weren't remotely as effective as this one is. Enjoy the song, and know that you're not alone! Whoever you are struggling with anxiety or whatever it is, I feel you and I care! I know how much of a burden anxiety can be but you have a friend here. Shoot me a comment if you need to talk. :D In a wolrd filled with darkness and depression, let this comment section be your safe haven! In addition, I often watch Vietnamese girls relax. It was great:

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