Stuff I Hate About Porn

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Re: Stuff I Hate About Porn

Post by DavidJones »

1. Girls that moan like their life depends on it. I don't mind a bit of moaning, but some of these girls overact.
2. Sites like pornhub,, xhamster,... these sites are killing the business for the girls. Why can't they just shut them down !!!
3. Spitting on the girl's face, the guy's cock, etc. This seems to be a trend lately and I find it disgusting.
4. Condoms. I know that it's needed for safety, but I just don't like to see it :)

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Re: Stuff I Hate About Porn

Post by theOtto »

1. I have to agree about the moaning thing.. Seems like American girls are worse.
Many times I think they sound more like they are on the shitter after eating
a bad burrito than enjoying getting fucked..

2. DAP / DP. Especially DAP. 2 guys rubbing their schlongs together while fucking
a girl makes my dick shrivel.

3. Anal. I get it.. Taboo .. whatever.. But I see all these sweet little freshies getting
cornholed right from day one.. Do at least 2 or 3 bg scenes first. If she's young and hot why not pay attention to her pussy? That's what it's all about. After it looks like a chewed up piece of bubblegum spit out on the sidewalk then cornhole away..

4. Gaping.. Whether it's the right hole or the out door.. why stretch it out more?

5. Too much make up.. Alot of these girls are so much cuter without all the bs on their face..

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Re: Stuff I Hate About Porn

Post by RonGRoberson »

I hate sex videos with fake attractive titles.
Revenge sex. I like those videos and hate that they closed those sites.
I hate that i need to pay on sites like LiveJasmin or to see those girls masturbating or doing great sex shows.

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Re: Stuff I Hate About Porn

Post by NerdyX »

talotaror wrote:
crozagreb wrote:[...] I am sure that many of us feel the same about videos without anal intercourse. I usually skip those videos.

I like:
- pure anal scenes without pussy fucking
- beautiful next door girls (mostly Russian girls)
- conversation before fucking

Exactly the same as I do.

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Re: Stuff I Hate About Porn

Post by DonnyShimkus »

Hahaha I also hate that I need to pay. But if you think that those payments that we make are keeping the industry rollin and helping it to develop. I always use only paysites like livejasmin or so I can contribute to this. Maybe it is just in my head but I think it is fair.

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Re: Stuff I Hate About Porn

Post by Pete73 »

sorry I love my facials :)

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Re: Stuff I Hate About Porn

Post by havarti »

theOtto wrote:

1. I have to agree about the moaning thing..
Agree. And the guy repeating "Oh my god!" and such silly stuff.

2. DAP / DP.
I can't agree more. For me more than one guy in a scene is gay sex by proxy.

3. Anal.

4. Gaping..
Don't bother me.

5. Too much make up..
Agree. And ugly tattoos like spiderweb around the nipple etc. Extremely unsexy!

More no-no's for me: spitting and drooling, guys jerking, condoms, "funny" plot, and long build-ups.

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Re: Stuff I Hate About Porn

Post by scissorgirl »

Not enough sex toys. They have such an opportunity to show hot ladies getting destroyed by gigantic dildos and vibrators and all the kinky toys that are out there but they just don't.

If I find a good porn with plenty of sex toys, I'm all for it.

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Re: Stuff I Hate About Porn

Post by johnnyblue »

MILF porn like in doesn't do much for me.
oh, and close-ups too!

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Re: Stuff I Hate About Porn

Post by Dioriescort »

hey beauty girls

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