Past gallery days

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Past gallery days

Post by zokotronko »

Hi to all, i have a question, ¿How can i see other gallery days? (past days from home pague, as same visual structure and not how changelog).

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Re: Past gallery days

Post by julianin »

My wife and I shot a video in our bedroom, but it didn't save in the gallery. My wife is very upset because we tried so hard

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Re: Past gallery days

Post by andranikliti »

It's a shame to realize that all your efforts were in vain. If you still want to shoot this kind of content, I suggest you change your approach. My girlfriend and I also shoot home videos sometimes, but we don't save them to a gallery. Instead, I suggest you try doing live porn couples, just like my girlfriend and I do. Many people do it these days, but some prefer not to show their faces in front of the camera. Anytime we want, we can start live streaming, and we don't have to worry about failed takes.

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Re: Past gallery days

Post by Dioriescort »

hey pretty

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