Forum Guidelines - What & Where to Post (READ FIRST)

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Forum Guidelines - What & Where to Post (READ FIRST)

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Welcome to PornTeenGirl Forums! The best site on the net for finding more of your favorite Russian teen models. Our community would be happy to help you identify that girl, and would love to have your help to grow our index. But first, you should know what and where to post, as it can be a bit confusing.

This forum does not accept warez content, or links to them.
That link will be removed and you will be banned from taking place on the board.

We don't want real name, if actress use an alias it is to protect herself, publishing her real name will put her in danger.
Don't post private photos or videos from private social media.
If you have infos (birthday...) that reveal real name, please PM poluxplop007 or LilyRaderFAN

The PTG Ladder: (Starting at the Bottom)

Request a Models ID:
Post here if all you have is one alias, or no clue who she is at all. Perhaps we can identify more works under an alias or provide other ID’s. If a request has enough galleries, or has performed on a number of sites, the thread might be moved to “Suggest a Model”.

Here are some things you should include:
A. A link to the original gallery that you found her at.
B. Images of the model in question if (A) isn't an option. Try
C. Screen captures from video. Try Windows Media Player Classic and upload to

Do Not Post links to other forums
Do Not request more than one model in a single thread
Do Not Post videos uploaded to tube sites
Do Not Post downloadable content from sites like Rapidgator, Uploaded and Share-Online, Etc.

If someone can ID an unknown model the title of your thread will be changed to reflect it. If she is popular, the request thread might be moved up to Suggest a Model.
If She is ID'd as a model who already has a thread then your thread will be closed (locked). You can repost any new info into the existing thread that already hasn't been provided.

Suggest a Model:
Post here if you know her name and website, but want to know if she has done more. This section is very similar to Request a Models ID except that you can already provide a name for the model. Multi galleries and perhaps multi Alias. Post everything you know about a particular named model in this section.

Members of the forum can contribute further information to your suggestion thread until she becomes worthy of becoming part of the index. At that time, Your post might be renamed and will be moved to the top of the ladder - Indexed Models.

If your model is identified as having an alias and/or existing thread, the suggestion thread will be locked (closed).

Indexed Models:
This section is for the cream of the crop. No threads can be created here. You can reply to existing threads with un-posted galleries (we don't want multi post with the same galleries) that you have found and information regarding the models alias's.

Post like a pro holmes!